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The Power of Intention

Intention is a predetermined outcome.  Remember when you thought about getting started in this profession that you would do anything you could to get into nursing school?  Once you were admitted to school, you would do anything you could to complete the program.  Then when you completed that program, you would do anything you could to pass the NCLEX exam.

All of that, each step of the way, was intention.

You were very intentional about becoming a nurse and that same tool, that power of intention, can be used in anything that you want in your life.  Intention is more than just thinking about something and wishing that it happens.  You have to move your feet and make it happen!

Having that intention, that goal, that predetermined outcome like it’s already a done deal, helps immensely.

With the power of intention, you were committed to whatever it took to get your predetermined outcome, i.e. going to nursing school, finishing your program, passing your NCLEX and becoming a nurse.

There also is a saying: “Energy flows where intention goes.”  Therefore, if you do have any intention for something to happen, you must focus your attention on that in order to fulfill that intention.

So, direct your energy on the positive and you will get back whatever you desire to create in your life.

Have you tried to use the power of intention?  How has it worked for you?  I would love to hear your comments below.


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