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Years ago, when I was practicing nursing, I had a young patient who said she “didn’t feel quite right.”  Her vital signs were good, and her assessment was normal, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was going on.  I knew in my gut something was wrong.  Then she started screaming, “God, I’m coming!” as we rushed her off to ICU where we found that she was suffering a stroke.

Before her outburst, my gut told me that something was seriously wrong, but I was afraid to call the doctor.  We all have that inner sense which serves a purpose.  I have been on the path to trust my intuition more, so I can serve my clients better.  It is so interesting how things come to me to help my clients at very unusual times.

Here are some things that you can do to increase your inner guidance.  I call it our guidance placement system (“GPS).  The GPS always will give you the right directions.

First, take time to meditate.  When you wake in the morning, just lie there a few minutes to relax.  Let your thoughts go and focus on your breath.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  Sometimes when I notice a thought that’s in my head instead of my heart, I will start focusing on my breathing to get in that gap between thoughts.  It’s amazing what insights you can get.

Second, move!  Movement helps you create the mind-body connection and allows you to tap into peace and calming yourself.  If you do yoga, it’s a double header with the mediation during shavasana where you lay still at the end to incorporate the benefits of your practice.

Third: read personal growth or a spiritual book.  I love to read and, in particular, I enjoy audio books.  Books on personal growth or spirituality can elevate your sense of well-being.  You may also watch spiritual shows/movies such as “Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday” which always helps put you in a state to better connect with your intuition.

Lastly, journal.  Personally, I am not big on journaling, but my intention is to incorporate more of this into my life.  On the first page, I write everything that I want to get rid of such as things that frustrate me or things that are not working well in my life so I can get clean for the next part.

Next, I’ll note everything that I am grateful for and then wrap it up by allowing my intuition or subconscious to bring to light what I really want to accomplish.

It’s amazing the insights that you can perceive by tapping into your spirituality or intuition.  If you allow them to come through when you’re taking care of patients, I know your guidance placement system can really help your practice and improve patient care.



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