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Archive: Nov 2018

Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Were you aware that 69% of all workplace violence and injuries were suffered by healthcare and social service workers?  This is terrifying. And it isn’t only patients who are causing the violence.  Recently a nurse in an operating room was choked not by a patient, but by an anesthesiologist!  [Link to article]  He is facing second-degree assault charges and reportedly […]

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B.I.G. Nursing

As nurses, when we enter a patient’s room, we are expected to immediately get into a relationship with the patient to create trust.  The patient then shares their most intimate medical history along with their pressing problems.  We meet them when they are in their most vulnerable state and enter into a most personal aspect of their lives. It is […]

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Who Doesn’t Need Safe Staffing?


In the recent Midterm Election, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had on its ballot a referendum proposing mandatory nurse staffing.  Unfortunately, the measure was defeated with only 30 percent of the electorate in favor of the measure. Question: Where were the nurses? If Massachusetts has 125,000 registered nurses with an additional 25,000 Licensed Vocational Nurses, where were the nurses? So, what […]

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Lorie Brown Interviews daughter, Jillian Brown on having a Business Owner Mom

Lorie Brown and her daughter Jillian, discuss what it is like to have a mom as a business owner, how it affected their family and the benefits. Jillian also talks about how she was inspired to start her own business, participating in National Novel Writing Month and co-writing a book with her friend. The email to Jillian’s book is ElementsBook1@gmail.com. […]

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Interview with Beth Hawkes (Nurse Beth) of AllNurses & NurseCode.com

Lorie Brown, Nurse Attorney, from YourNurseAttorney.com and EmpoweredNurses.org interviews Beth Hawkes, MSN, RN-BC. Nursing Author, Speaker and Career Columnist with AllNurses.com and CEO of NurseCode.com (also known as Nurse Beth). Beth has also authored “Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job”. Her book will also assist you in finding a position if your nursing license is […]

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