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Archive: Jul 2019

The Failing Culture of Safety in Healthcare


Guest blog by Sandra Risoldi MSN Ed., DNP, RN, CLNC Some say nursing violence is a part of the job, while others refuse to believe being punched, spit-on, kicked, or verbally assaulted with insults is normal.  The subtle increase in violence is affecting not only the morale of nurses and other healthcare workers but also their mental health and safety.  […]

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The Worrisome State Of Our Health Care System

I am deeply concerned about the status of our health care system.  Massive nonprofit hospital systems pay no taxes as they have tax exempt status and they put the profits back into the system to continue their growth. Health care was originally designed to provide medical care to citizens in our community.  Churches and counties then owned the hospital to […]

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The Number One Thing That Keeps Nurses Stuck

  We all have our comfort zone of 72 ̊.  When the temperature rises, the air conditioner kicks on.  When the temperature drops, the heat kicks on. We also have the same set point for our weight.  While we gain some weight, we lose it to get back to our set point or if we lose weight, many times we […]

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