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Archive: Aug 2019

How to Report Hospital Violations

Julie Griffin, R.N., once worked as a cardiovascular ICU nurse (CVICU) at Westside Regional Medical Center near Miami in Plantation, Florida owned by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). On August 10, 2018, Ms. Griffin filed a lawsuit claiming that she was retaliated against and fired for making whistleblower complaints.  She had concerns that were brought to the attention of management […]

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Celebrity Medical Malpractice

Can you believe that we recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing?  And Neil Armstrong was the first to walk where no man had ever gone before.  Who can forget his historic voice from a quarter-million miles away: “That’s one small for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind!” However, I was saddened to hear that his […]

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Getting Clients

The only thing you need to do to get clients is to talk to people! That’s IT!   You just need to talk to people. Talk to people who could utilize your services, your ideal client.  That is the only way.  If you are sitting around designing business cards, building your website, creating brochures … none of this will get you […]

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Another Refusal to Draw Blood


Recently in Dallas, Jonathan Moore was involved in a crash killing a former councilwoman and her daughter.  The police were able to obtain a breathalyzer which showed a blood alcohol level of 0.00.  However, Moore failed 6 of 6 field sobriety tests and did not have normal use of his mental and physical faculties.  The Police believe that the man […]

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