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Archive: Dec 2019

The Spiritual Nurse

I don’t think you can be a nurse without having an intuition or sixth sense.  Actually, I think everyone has it, but some have the trait better developed. That sixth sense is when you go into a patient’s room and you know that something is wrong.  You take vitals, do your assessment and everything seems to be fine with the […]

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The McDonald’s Of Medicine

Recently I read an opinion piece in The New York Times magazine, written by a New York Belleview Hospital physician, titled “The Business of Healthcare Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses.”  It discusses how electronic medical records (EMR) are designed to save us time and get documentation that can be easily searchable but, unfortunately, it’s a burden. Data entry is […]

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3 Small Steps

If you have not read the book “Think and Grow Rich,” I would highly recommend that you do so.  Noted in the book is the story of someone approaching Andrew Carnegie, founder of Carnegie Steel which later became U.S. Steel, and asked him “If I could share a business secret with you that will be the most powerful advise you […]

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