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Archive: Dec 2020

Will 2021 Be Your Year?

Every year in December I have a retreat with my staff but because of the CV-19 pandemic, this time around we are holding it next month instead.  We meet to plan for the year ahead. Back in the day I used to run my legal nurse consulting business in my garage (every good thing, like Apple Computers, started in garage, […]

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Nurses Sue Hospital For Endangerment

  A group of healthcare workers and their union filed an action against Riverside Community Hospital, an HCA owned facility in southern California.  [Story]  The Plaintiffs are 4 healthcare professionals that state claims they were not provided adequate protective equipment and that they were pressured to sacrifice safety precautions to meet quotas. Additionally, the hospital failed to alert staff to […]

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Year Of The Nurse

2020 was supposed to be the year of the nurse.  What we thought would be a year of celebration was actually a year of strife where nurses were thrust into the frontline without adequate PPE, staff or support.  Never has a year taken such a toll on our most trusted health care providers. Time Magazine named Joe Biden and Kamala […]

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