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Archive: Jan 2021

Nurses Say “Aloha” To Hawaii

It’s interesting that Hawaii nurses get the best annual pay of all nurses in the country: $104,060.00 per year.  Story.  At the same time, California nurses get the highest pay per hour at $54.44 per hour.  Nurses in those 2 states are mostly unionized. If you want to go to the Aloha state for your nursing practice, you will have […]

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Covid Fatigue Is Real!

The number of nurses in acute care is dropping as they are leaving the profession in droves. It is scary to think that we’ve had a nurse shortage even before the CV-19 pandemic erupted but we now are seeing nurses walking away from their careers in even larger numbers.  Today’s nurses have never faced such devastation, disease, and death in […]

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Discrimination Complaints In Nursing School

Imagine you are a member of a minority who is being discriminated against at a nursing school that is costing you over $50,000.00 a year? That is exactly what has been going on a Yale School of Nursing.  Who would have guessed that one of our most prestigious Ivy League universities would see a rise in racism complaints? See article. […]

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