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Archive: Mar 2021

The Murky Waters Of Nursing Titles

There are several different degrees in which one can become a registered nurse.  They can have a diploma, associates or a bachelors.  There also are several master’s degrees.  When I attended nursing school, I became a MN, a Master of Nursing.  But now, the prevailing degree is an MSN., Master of Science in Nursing. With a doctor’s education, one can […]

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Office of the Inspector General Exclusion List

Lorie Brown, Nurse Attorney, of Brown Law Office, P.C., discusses the Exclusion List from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). This list excludes nurses and other health care providers from treating Medicare or Medicaid patients. Lorie discusses how you get on the list, either mandatory or permissive, and possible jobs you can do if you are on the Exclusion […]

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Top 10 Tips To Start A Nurse Consulting Business

1: Do you love being knee-deep in records and solving puzzles? That’s what legal nurse consulting is about. You will be given a stack of records and asked to solve the puzzle. 2: Are you able to focus your attention? As a legal nurse consultant, given a stack of records, you will need to be able to focus on the […]

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