Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Archive: Apr 2021

Pandemic Forcing More Nurses To Leave

There is a plethora of articles throughout the country discussing the fact that nurses are leaving the profession due to the pandemic. Many nurses are frustrated due to the stress and the lack of support.  Many are being forced to reuse PPE, to cancel PTO and to work mandatory overtime.  Overall, most are flat out exhausted if not completely burned […]

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Escape from the Alcatraz of Your Business

Escape from Alcatraz, you know the movie, but now you created a prison that is holding you captive in your business and it’s time to escape.  I don’t mean sell your business.  If you are like me, you built your business so you could have freedom but what you did was build yourself another J-O-B.  You are putting way too […]

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