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Archive: Sep 2021

Crisis Care

It is hard to believe that we live in a first world nation that is one of the wealthiest on the planet yet needs to ration healthcare. It is really scary how patients can go to a hospital and potentially be denied care because of a shortage of resources. Not only that, and even scarier, is that hospitals are being […]

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Beware Of Sign On Bonuses

Be careful of sign on bonuses.  This video discusses the dangers of sign on bonuses and what you should know before signing a sign on bonus agreement.

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Should I Stay? Should I Go?

I really don’t like writing politically charged newsletters however many nurses have reached out to me about this topic, and I am all about serving you, the readers, that I felt that it is important. But first, as a brief report, a single hospital in Lowville, New York, the Lewis County Health System, has closed its maternity unit because several […]

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Nurse Practitioners Pick Up Slack From Physician Shortage

Delaware recently became the 24th state to adopt full practice authority legislation which means that nurse practitioners can practice independently without physician oversight. With the growing physician shortage, nurse practitioners are taking the places of physicians in primary care, particularly in rural areas hit hardest by the physician shortage.  This provides people in these areas with access to care. It […]

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Can Hospitals Control Your Free Time?

Some hospitals will fire a nurse who has a business outside the facility. I believe that the hospital does not own you and a nurse should be allowed to do what they want in their free time without any interference from the facility.  However, if you are a nurse who has a job outside the hospital and are doing something […]

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