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Archive: Oct 2021

Future Of Nursing: Part 2

  Last week I wrote on the topic of the Future of Nursing about the ANA article with 9 nursing leaders predicting what they saw in the future for the nursing profession.  I added my own thoughts but as I sat with this more, I have some additional thoughts to share. Certainly, coming from a business owner’s perspective, I have […]

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Future Of Nursing

The nursing profession is probably in the most precarious position that it ever has been.  Nurses are leaving in droves due to mandates forcing them to take “the shot.”  Some are leaving because of the incredibly increased workload thrust upon them to make up for the nursing staff shortage.  That shortage is forcing hospitals to offer huge sign-on bonuses to […]

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Cold Calling And Blind Mailing

Everyone hates receiving those telemarketer phone calls.  They are what I consider to be “cold calls.”  If you’re calling a potential client or an attorney who you don’t know, good luck in trying to get past the gatekeeper or actually speaking to the potential client. In addition, sending blind letters to attorneys or potential clients is such a great waste […]

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