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Archive: Dec 2021

Business Is Just A Math Problem

  I hated math when I was in school and, to be honest, I still don’t like to have to deal with it whether it’s balancing my checkbook or preparing a budget. However, I will unashamedly say I do like making money because that means I get to help more people!  As you know, that’s actually the whole reason to […]

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What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident – Interview with Amy M. Davis, J.D.

Lorie Brown, R.N., M.N., J.D., interviews Personal Injury / Medical Malpractice Attorney, Amy Davis, J.D., of the Law Offices of Amy M. Davis – www.IndyInjury.law. The discussion includes what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident. They also discuss protecting and taking care of yourself, protecting your rights and don’t give in to pressure to settle early. […]

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A Tale of Different States

Around the country, there are 16 health organizations suspending COVID-19 injection mandates due to the litigation temporarily blocking the CMS from forcing mandates in 10 states pending the outcome of litigation. However, 13 hospitals in other states not affected by the injunction are shutting down various departments and ending services due to the lack of staff. Yet other states are […]

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Proposed Mandatory Staffing for Nursing Homes

The Biden administration in its “Build Back Better” plan has provisions that require nursing homes to have 1 registered nurse on duty at all times.  Currently, the law is for a solitary registered nurse to be on duty for only 8 hours every day.  The plan will additionally require mandatory minimum staffing without additional compensation. Not only do we need […]

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Nurses’ Salaries

Recently, I came across an ever so interesting article in Becker’s ASC Review regarding statistics on why ambulatory surgery centers are concerned. According to a Medscape study, the hourly rate for a full-time registered nurse is $40/hour with part time R.N.’s earning $42.00 per hour.  What caught my eye was that, though they do not get the full-time benefits, part-timers […]

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You Are Not Alone

Many years ago, a friend of mine with others hiked from Cusco, Peru in southern Peru to the top of Machu Picchu, the famed site of a 15th century Inca citadel near the top of a ridge towering almost 8,000 feet in the mountains.  She arrived at Cusco early to acclimate her breathing to the local elevation before starting on […]

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