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Archive: Jun 2022

What Would Lorie Do?

I own 4 successful businesses for which I am the CEO of each.  When I am about to take an action, I won’t ask myself, “What would I do?”  Rather, I ask, “What would Jeff Bezos or Tony Robbins do?  Both men are remarkably successful CEOs of a number of businesses. When we make decisions from where we are, we […]

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Stretch Yourself!

What do I mean by “stretch?” Stretch means doing something different, something hard and going past what you believe to be your limitations. We nurses tend to get stuck in our comfort zone.  We are at the top of our game as a nurse, yet we tend to stay there without pushing ourselves to be, do or have more. Your […]

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Be The Source In Your Nursing Practice

I frequently am heard saying, “You can always get another job but not another license.”  Over the past few years, particularly under the duress of the pandemic, nursing has become an extremely difficult profession.  If you are not happy in the area where you work, try something new. We all are conditioned by our comfort zone to which we are […]

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In House Travel Nursing

Hospitals across the country are offering internal travel nurse programs.  Did you know that? What is great about this is that you can make the money of a travel nurse while the healthcare facility does not have to pay the middleman agency for the nurses.  Plus, if you love the job, you can possibly get hired full time. To me, […]

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Gender Pay Disparity for Nurses

A recently released study showed that in 2021 male nurses were earning a median salary that was $14,000.00 more than their female counterparts.  The previous year, 2020, the median salary for male nurses was $7,297.00 higher that the ladies. An interesting thing revealed by the study was that males consistently asked for higher salaries than females when accepting nursing positions. […]

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