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Archive: Jan 2023

Stopping Negative Self Talk

  Do you know that inner critic, the little voice in your head that doesn’t stop? The one that keeps saying, “Who are you to start your own business? Who are you to charge this kind of money? How can you grow a business when you’re having enough trouble finding time with your day job?” The inner critic is there […]

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Murder Charges For Two EMT’s

Have you heard the shocking news that 2 EMS workers have been charged with 2nd degree murder after a man died in their care?  An officer’s body cam filmed the entire incident involving an extremely inebriated man. During the event, the EMS workers spoke cruelly to the man as he was thrown forcefully facedown onto the cart.  Rather than turning […]

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The Nurses’ Strike Resolved

  Last week in New York City, 7,100 nurses went on strike to improve patient care and ask for mandatory safe staffing.  A resolution was reached after 72 hours.  Pay was never the issues as an almost 20% raise over the next 3 years.  The nurses negotiated an  -increase in over 170 nursing positions,  -maintaining fully-funded healthcare for eligible nurses and  […]

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The Mess In Healthcare Gets Messier

  7,000 nurses walked out at 2 hospitals in New York City. I am so proud of these nurses who are saying, “NO,” that they will no longer put up with short staffing. That is the sticking point for the nurses to walk out. It seems contrary that nurses would walk out on patients if they’re concerned about having sufficient […]

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Your Work Email Is Not Private

  When you have an email address, you would think that you have privacy. If your email address is through your employer, nothing you communicate is private, nothing! An employer has access to everything that is sent and received through your employer’s email system. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not send or receive anything that you wouldn’t want […]

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