Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Empowered Nurses’ Clarity Cards

Nurses – You Deserve Positive Support for All That You Do

Empower yourself or share as a gift!

“What if you could create a positive and supportive working environment where you love to go to work each day?”

If you are a nurse, it can be draining giving of yourself day after day. You deserve positive support and affirmation for all of your hard work. You’ll find Empowered Nurses’ Clarity Cards are a healing, enlightening, mind-opening, inspiring, abundant and even fun source of guidance!

Empowered Nurse CardsWhat are Clarity Cards?

If you are looking for guidance for a situation, or just an empowering message, pick a card!  You will receive a message that is one you need to hear, or one that brings clarity to your situation.

Do Clarity Cards really make a difference?

Yes! It’s amazing, the power these positive messages have to change your whole day. They can help change your subconscious mind for the better. These messages were specially designed

for nurses, by a nurse, to empower and honor yourself, your coworkers, and your patients even on the toughest of days.

Empowered Nurses’ Clarity Cards encourages you to…

  • Stop negativity from seeping in by becoming aware of your daily thoughts and words.
  • Speak your mind, stand in your power, trust your intuition, and be an agent of change for patient care.
  • Give yourself permission to take care of yourself so you can take better care of others.
  • Influence your environment for the better – positive thoughts are contagious!
  • Keep you constantly grateful, which is healthier for you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Empowered Nurse - Give Yourself Permission

This beautiful 54-card set of Empowered Nurses’ Clarity Cards will help you as a nurse feel honored and appreciated for the work you do! Choosing a card when you need clarity will make a stressful day a little better, a little brighter, and a lot more fun.

Nurse PatientThis could be the gift you give yourself or to a coworker that helps refocus on abundance instead of what appears to be lacking—whether it’s lack of staff, time, equipment, or energy. What’s focused on grows!

If you are a patient, how do you show your gratitude to a nurse who’s gone beyond the call of duty or showed that extra level of care? Imagine giving a nurse a gift that both honors and empowers their service. For the cost of a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates, you can give a nurse a gift that will keep giving.

For only $24.99 and give yourself or a special nurse in your life a gift that will make a difference:

I want to thank Kay Hilde, the artist of the beautiful, creative artwork on all of the Clarity Cards. To view more of Kay’s work or contact her, visit: www.KayHilde.com

Happy Nursing!


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