Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

In her book, From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System, Lorie Brown shares heartwarming stories of nurses who overcame physical, emotional, and bureaucratic challenges to create an exceptional nursing career. Lorie includes practical strategies in each chapter that provide nurses with a roadmap for success. By understanding the Empowered Nurses’ Bill of Rights, learning how to strengthen your GIFTS, and by implementing the simple action steps peppered throughout Lorie’s book, nurses will rediscover their power and passion they have for nursing. This book is a must read for new nurses starting their careers, experienced nurses who may be feeling a bit stuck, or for any nurse who is somewhere in between.

Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN
CEO and President of RTConnections, LLC

What a beautiful blend of story and strategy. Lorie Brown and the nurse authors of ‘From Frustrated to Fulfilled’ weave together solutions in such a heartfelt and authentic way, you can’t help but feel inspired. This group shares the tools you need to step into your greatness as a nurse professional- to be empowered in such a way that you enjoy your practice. The personal growth you will experience as a result of reading this book makes it a must-read for nursing students, new graduates and experienced nurses alike. Every day it is a true honor to practice nursing and this book is the gentle reminder we all need to express gratitude and appreciation for our magnificent profession.

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, Reiki Master & Certified Coach
Author of Bestselling ‘Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds’

Fall in love with nursing again by reading Lorie Brown and her coauthors’ new book, “From Frustrated to Fulfilled”. Just like 10 year old Lorie felt when she met her first nurse role model at summer camp; I felt safe, comforted and inspired reading this book. Lorie skillfully weaves stories here for nurses; walking us through the shimmering novice veil where we view only the highest ideals of nursing into the sometimes harsh but more sad, realities of conventional nursing.

The nurse contributors that shared stories for Lorie’s book did an outstanding job of conveying frustrations, feeling pain and then digging deep coming out winners in their unique nursing careers. These stories will resonate with nurses and with what many nurses have encountered.

Disillusionment could give way to despair but not in this book and not with this group of nurses! Lorie eloquently outlines the GIFTS that nurses can use and then hits the ball out of the park with The Empowered Nurses Bill of Rights . “From Frustrated to Fulfilled” empathizes, shares, inspires and educates nurses on self-empowering examples, methods and tools. This book made me smile, get upset, tear-up and feel such joy in being part of the nursing profession. It will definitely be a book that I will read again!

Michelle D. Podlesni RN
President ~National Nurses in Business Association
Author & Founder: Unconventional Nurse®

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