Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Nurses at Bedside

A message from Lorie Brown, Nurse Attorney and the founder of Empowered Nurses’, on how to empower your nursing career.

Let me share a little bit about my background as a Nurse and an Attorney…

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a nurse.  So, when I finally became a member of the noble nursing profession, I was ecstatic!

There were many aspects of nursing that I loved. I even went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration and Medical Surgical Nursing.  However, I was frustrated by the limitations.  I felt I couldn’t give the care I wanted to because my hands were tied by short staffing, nursing culture, and even unit status quo—all things I didn’t anticipate as an eager nursing student.  

So, I made a career shift and decided to go to law school and for the last 25+ years I’ve been working as a Nurse Attorney. There’s a saying, “Once a nurse, always a nurse,” and I find it apt. I consider myself a nurse for nurses!  I represent nurses and other health professionals in need, usually with nursing license defense before the board of nursing.

Over the years I’ve discovered many nurses around the country are tired of mandatory overtime, understaffing, and the code of silence, which means you are never allowed to voice a concern, even if it’s in your patient’s best interest. Many are also in fear of losing their jobs by making a simple mistake that jeopardizes their license.

So in 2012 I formed EmpoweredNurses.Org to provide nurses like you with resources, tips and strategies to empower your career. It’s time to get the tools and resources you need to:

  • Thrive in your workplace
  • Feel confident in your skills
  • Be unafraid to speak your mind
  • And have time for yourself and your family

Please fill out the box on the top right to download your free report – Thrive in Your Nursing Practice. This is the best way to get started figuring out how to regain joy in the profession you love.

After that, please feel free to visit my Nurses at the Bedside Resource Page, which contains resources that have helped nurses like you create empowered careers for themselves.

Empowered Nurses Boot Camp

The Empowered Nurses Boot Camp gives you 4 hours of CE Credits while equipping you to meet all the challenges that hard working nurses face – like mandatory overtime, being forced to work sick, dealing with difficult coworkers, jeopardizing your license by making an honest mistake. You’ll empower your career as you rediscover your passion for nursing, learn how to create a positive team environment, gain confidence, learn to speak your mind and step up as a leader in your unit.

Learn more and get started

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