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Empowered Nurses’ Boot Camp

The Empowered Nurses’ Boot Camp gives you 4 hours of CE Credits while equipping you to meet all the challenges that hard working nurses face – like mandatory overtime, being forced to work sick, dealing with difficult coworkers, jeopardizing your license by making an honest mistake.

You’ll empower your career as you rediscover your passion for nursing, learn how to create a positive team environment, gain confidence, learn to speak your mind and step up as a leader in your unit.

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Empowered Nurses’ Clarity Cards

You deserve positive support and affirmation for all of your hard work. You’ll find Empowered Nurses’ Clarity Cards are a healing, enlightening, mind-opening, inspiring, abundant and fun source of guidance!

This beautiful 54-card set will help you feel honored and appreciated for the work you do! Choose a card when you need to make a stressful day a little brighter. This is also a great gift for fellow nurses.

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Law and Order for Nurses: The Easy Way to Protect Your License and Your Livelihood

Every year thousands of good nurses appear before the Nursing Board and risk losing their license because they don’t understand the law. Don’t become one of them – learn how to protect your license and your livelihood. Knowledge is power so learn how to speak your mind, stand in your power and improve patient care.

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From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System

This book chronicles the journey of 11 nurses who loved their profession but realized that something was not quite right with nursing. They found a way to rise above the problems in nursing and create a meaningful and fulfilling life for themselves.

They share the tools that worked for them so you can add them to your toolbox and create a meaningful purpose in your career and your personal life

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Here are even more Empowered Nurses’ resources you can access for FREE:

Empowered Nurses’ Quiz

Are you ready to find out what kind of nurse you are? Take the Empowered Nurses’ Quiz and see! Learn about your strengths and weaknesses and how to become even more empowered.

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Empowered Nurses’ Bill of Rights

There is a Patient Bill of Rights but what about a Bill of Rights for Nurses?  Most nurses want the same thing and it is not money. Click the button to discover the Empowered Nurses’ Bill of Rights.

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Telesummit – 5 Days to Nursing Empowerment

Lorie assembled the top nine leaders in the nursing field to share their knowledge and experiences to empower you on various subjects that will greatly enhance your nursing practice. Click the button to download and listen from the comfort of your home for free.

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Your Nurse Attorney (Brown Law Office) Website

Are you a nurse or healthcare provider concerned about your license? Visit this site to learn more about Nurse-Attorney, Lorie Brown, who has represented over 500 healthcare providers, mainly nurses, before the various licensing boards.

Visit to sign up for her free audio download: What Happens If I Get Called Before The Board? where Lorie reveals what to do and what not to do if you’re called before the Board of Nursing.

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