Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

About Us

Who We Are

EMPOWERED NURSES was founded by Lorie Brown, who actively practiced nursing for 12 years and added a law degree to her accomplishments. She now practices as a medical legal consultant on medical issues, and defends nurses before the License Board.

Lorie Brown Says The Nursing And Legal Professions Have Much In Common.

“As a nurse, when you assess a patient, they do not have a sign on their head announcing their diagnosis. We as nurses, have to assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate.

The nursing process can be used in law as well. A client does not walk in the office with a sign that says “negligence” or “breach of contract”. It is up to the attorney to assess the clients’ needs, develop a plan then implement and evaluate. Nursing has always been in my heart and incorporated into my law practice.

“When I was a nurse, I was an advocate for my profession. Now in law, I get to be a stronger advocate. I am able to help the individual nurse with their licensure matters. But I still wanted to make a difference on a broader scale. How could I do that?

The answer is EMPOWERED NURSES. I want to make sure each nurse is practicing safely and is aware of all the rules and regulations affecting their license. From this platform, we can then be an advocate of change in our profession and prevent burn out and keep good nurses in the practice.”

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What We Stand For

The goal of EMPOWERED NURSES is twofold: to educate nurses on protecting their license both from medical malpractice and discipline before the State Board of Nursing, and to be a voice for nurses to improve their profession.

With regard to license protection, EMPOWERED NURSES is designed to teach nurses how to protect themselves from malpractice and license discipline. The rules are continuously changing and it is imperative for nurses to keep up on the regulations. ENO will keep you abreast of recent medical malpractice decisions involving nurses and informed about what is happening before the State Boards of Nursing.

We are also committed to improving the profession of nursing by being a voice for nurses. Nurses comprise 80% of the health care team but have 0% of the power. Many good nurses are leaving the profession because they are frustrated. This is the time for nurses to take back their profession instead of leaving it in the hands of insurance companies and institutions.

As a member of ENO, we can share ideas on and come up with creative solutions so that we can rediscover the joy, freedom and passion that brought us into the nursing profession in the first place.

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