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Getting Clients

The only thing you need to do to get clients is to talk to people!

That’s IT!   You just need to talk to people.

Talk to people who could utilize your services, your ideal client.  That is the only way.  If you are sitting around designing business cards, building your website, creating brochures … none of this will get you business.

Instead focus only on money generating activities (“MGA”) which is talking to potential clients.  Go to where they hang out, speak at events where they are, or even attend events where your ideal clients are located.

There is so much noise on the internet right now and if people don’t know, like and trust you, they are not going to find you or use your services.  So, get to know people one-on-one, talk to them and invite them to work with you.  Show the value and benefits that you could provide and then ask what they need and how you can support them.


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