Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

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It’s Finally Happening

Both Ohio and Kansas have pending legislation to allow advanced practice nurses to treat patients without physician oversight.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has endorsed this legislation.  The FTC relied on research showing that autonomous advanced practice R.N.s and physicians have comparable prescribing practices and patient outcomes.  Currently there are 22 states that allow full practice authority for advanced practice […]

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The Spiritual Nurse

I don’t think you can be a nurse without having an intuition or sixth sense.  Actually, I think everyone has it, but some have the trait better developed. That sixth sense is when you go into a patient’s room and you know that something is wrong.  You take vitals, do your assessment and everything seems to be fine with the […]

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The McDonald’s Of Medicine

Recently I read an opinion piece in The New York Times magazine, written by a New York Belleview Hospital physician, titled “The Business of Healthcare Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses.”  It discusses how electronic medical records (EMR) are designed to save us time and get documentation that can be easily searchable but, unfortunately, it’s a burden. Data entry is […]

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Is It A Blueberry Muffin Or A Chihuahua?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and it is impacting health care.  The question will become will the jobs for nursing decrease with the expanding AI? We see it at grocery self-checkouts, being able to sign up online for a checking account leading to banks closing, etc.  And the need for humans to do these jobs has been decreasing at an […]

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Nurses Trust Your Gut!

I’ve always known that your gut plays a huge role in helping you be successful as a nurse. Take the case of a nurse who was working with a patient who had a cervical spine fusion the previous day.  He complained of having a raspy voice and trouble swallowing.  His vital signs were all normal.  The nurse knew in her […]

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Top Three Questions Nurses Ask When Starting A Nurse-Owned Business

Maybe you’re frustrated with nursing or maybe you’ve had a dream that you’ve always wanted to turn into a reality.  When is now a good time to start? Nurses are uniquely qualified to start their own businesses because they have excellent organizational skills, they have critical thinking and have great relationships with their patients.  Unfortunately, nurses are used to relying […]

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Nurses Need A Nurse for Nurses

In a recent study conducted by United Kingdom’s National Health Service showed that 300 nurses committed suicide in their country from 2011 to 2017.  In 2014, one nurse committed suicide each week.  That nurses would take their own lives is appalling and sad.  Nursing is so stressful.  Remember the nurse in England who gave out confidential information to a radio […]

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How to Report Hospital Violations

Julie Griffin, R.N., once worked as a cardiovascular ICU nurse (CVICU) at Westside Regional Medical Center near Miami in Plantation, Florida owned by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). On August 10, 2018, Ms. Griffin filed a lawsuit claiming that she was retaliated against and fired for making whistleblower complaints.  She had concerns that were brought to the attention of management […]

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Celebrity Medical Malpractice

Can you believe that we recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing?  And Neil Armstrong was the first to walk where no man had ever gone before.  Who can forget his historic voice from a quarter-million miles away: “That’s one small for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind!” However, I was saddened to hear that his […]

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Another Refusal to Draw Blood


Recently in Dallas, Jonathan Moore was involved in a crash killing a former councilwoman and her daughter.  The police were able to obtain a breathalyzer which showed a blood alcohol level of 0.00.  However, Moore failed 6 of 6 field sobriety tests and did not have normal use of his mental and physical faculties.  The Police believe that the man […]

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