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How Committed Are You To Having A Successful Business?

I always joke I was an overnight success … and it only took me 5 years!

It actually did take me that long and it should not have.  Part of the reason for the delay was commitment.

There are 5 levels of commitment:

LEVEL 1.    YOU DON’T CARE – Obviously, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t care.

LEVEL 2.    WISHING, HOPING AND WANTING – If you’re wishing, hoping and wanting to have a successful business, you’ll continue to wish, hope and want without ever making it happen.

LEVEL 3.    TRYING – If you’re trying to create a successful business, you will always be trying and not really achieve a successful business.

LEVEL 4.    I’LL DO IT UNLESS – This was a place where I was stuck for a while.  I kept thinking while wishing, wanting, hoping and trying that I would find a “real” job.  Many will say, “Well, I’ll give it a year and I will stop if it doesn’t work out.”  If you have any such thoughts in your head, you will not have a successful business.  It wasn’t until I got to LEVEL 5 commitment that I could actually see success coming up the road.

LEVEL 5.    DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES – Once I decided to jump all in, became 100% committed and willing to do whatever it took, that is when my business started growing into a success.

Are you LEVEL 5 committed to have the success in your business?  If not … just what is stopping you?  I would love to read your responses in the comments below.


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