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In House Travel Nursing

Hospitals across the country are offering internal travel nurse programs.  Did you know that?

What is great about this is that you can make the money of a travel nurse while the healthcare facility does not have to pay the middleman agency for the nurses.  Plus, if you love the job, you can possibly get hired full time.

To me, this is a great solution allowing nurses to make more money without having to go through the agency as the go-between.

Nevertheless, I still have a problem about committed regular staff nurses who are making less than the travel nurse who just walk in to contribute their skills for a short period of time.

I have noticed instances of some nursing units that treat the travel nurses poorly who arrive to help in their units.  One would think they would be grateful for the extra hands.

Nurses need to stick together, to treat each other with the respect and dignity they deserve, no matter what their respective statuses might be.  We do this for our patients, why not for each other?


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  1. nursey

    Some hospitals (or medical centers ) have been doing this for years . Especially when they need a large number of nurses during the winter months , when the snowbirds go south. The “travel” (or seasonal ) nurses do not really make more , no vacation time , no retirement contribution, no pto , no health insurance, no input on days to work , or floor, float first . Much better to go in with a travel company you will make more , your agency will provide insurance and should be a voice for you , if not go with one who is. You may be internal travel but will always be outsider, go for the highest pay.
    Although the contract says ‘at will’ they will dnr the nurse who leaves early due to unsafe conditions.

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