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More Gifts For Nurses Week

According to a recent new article spotlighting a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll, about one-third of health care workers are considering quitting because of burn-out from the demands on them during this pandemic.  Actually, the statistic was 3 in 10.

Can you imagine what would happen if 3 in 10 nurses leave the profession?  The nursing field is already short-staffed!

Eight years ago, long before COVID-19 changed our lives, I composed a “Nurse’s Bill of Rights.”  Interestingly, the things that were addressed at that time still apply today.

Nurses have the right to:

  1. Speak their mind.
  2. Have a reasonable and fair assignment.
  3. Complete work assigned.
  4. Paid more for higher acuity patients.
  5. Go home feeling like they did a good job.
  6. Feel part of the team.
  7. Not be pushed to work overtime because there is no one else.
  8. Not to be made to feel that they can’t call in sick when they are really ill.
  9. Adequate staffing so everyone has time to do everything each patient requires including psycho-social support.
  10. Be respected by patients, their families, co-workers, management, administration, physicians, and other health care providers.
  11. Be acknowledged for doing a good job.
  12. A fair schedule with an equal number of holidays and weekends compared to coworkers.
  13. Not be hurt by a patient.
  14. Be supported after a difficult shift.
  15. Have time to document care provided.
  16. Refuse to be floated to an unfamiliar unit.


As you can see from the Nurse’s Bill of Rights, getting more money is not one of major concerns of nurses.  Nurses just want to be respected and appreciated.  They want to have fair assignments and feel that they’ve done a good job for their patients.

Therefore, when it comes to gifts, I am not just saying “pay them more,” or, “give them a bonus,” or, “buy something for them.”  I am saying to gift them with something in addition to the things in the Nurses’ Bill of Rights.

Look to see which of these areas you can improve at the workplace so that nurses feel that they are acknowledged, appreciated, and heard.


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  1. Ms Nursey

    All the years of working holidays, night shift, called in , stay after, abuse by Drs, Coworkers, mgrs. excellent evaluations . None of those matter . Nurses are disposable. In AZ they have a bill to form a task force of shortage, and put the BON on it, when they are the ones who are a biggest reason for it.
    Can’t really blame anyone for quitting or not going to nursing. And they have no idea the bullet they really dodged , by a Board of Nursing complaint , of retaliation.
    New sites popping on BON complaints and the extreme unfairness, don’t have a chance , lack of due process. Probation , revocation is how it ended for many , unduly!
    One described it as “worse then when my parents died”.
    No one is working against the BON , not one single group , except individuals and those are the hero’s to me.

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