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Can you imagine working in a facility where the ratio is 1 nurse to 53 patients?

This may be acceptable in long term care but what about at an emergency psychiatric facility? That’s what happened in Buffalo, New York where the institution’s nurses’ demands for safer staffing apparently fell on deaf ears. While the Director of Nursing was on vacation, there was a lack of urgency by those in management and human resources.

There needs to be safe staffing ratios in all medical facilities. Nurses need to know exactly how many patients they are required to care for that can flex down with higher acuity.

This TIK TOK video went viral. What is the plan for the weekend with a staffing ratio of 1 nurse to 53 patients? TIK TOK is not the best medium to get results.

I would recommend resigning but you first must give notice because you cannot abandon the patients. I also recommend reporting to the state Department of Health if you see any blatant unsafe staffing in your facility.

It is terrible that nurses are being placed in these positions and I am sure the facility will not support you if an allegation is made against your license. Should you challenge any such action, insurance will not cover your defense unless you carry your own malpractice insurance that includes professional licensing defense.

What steps do you take when short staffing plagues your workplace?

Have you seen bad staffing numbers in your facility? I’d like to hear your comments below.

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