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Murder Charges For Two EMT’s

Have you heard the shocking news that 2 EMS workers have been charged with 2nd degree murder after a man died in their care?  An officer’s body cam filmed the entire incident involving an extremely inebriated man.

During the event, the EMS workers spoke cruelly to the man as he was thrown forcefully facedown onto the cart.  Rather than turning him over, they strapped him face down to the cart.  Tragically, in that position he suffocated!

It is so sad to hear of an incident like this where healthcare providers’ actions result in criminal charges.  Regardless, the EMS workers were clearly unkind in dealing with the patient, making comments such as, “We hate carrying you” and “I am seriously not in the mood for this dumb” stuff! 

NO one deserves to be treated this way, especially a patient!

This is clear malpractice, an unintentional result that resulted in criminal charges being filed.  One news article said the charge was for 1st degree murder while another said it was a 2nd second degree murder. A 2nd degree charge makes more sense because the death was unintentional.  That is, negligent homicide where the death was not deliberate or premeditated.

If you recall the Radonda Vaught matter that I have mentioned in the past, that Ms. Vaught was doing her job negligently which resulted in a death.  She did not intend to cause harm which makes it negligence and should not rise to the level of a criminal matters.

But in this matter with the EMTs, I feel a little differently. But that is only because it was clear that this man was in distress and lost his life due to the actions of the EMTs which were aggravated by their comments during that treatment.

What do you think about this case?  Do you think that this should have resulted in criminal charges?

I look forward to hearing your comments below.

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