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NO Security In Nursing

Years ago, when I first realized that I wanted to be a nurse, my parents thought that was great and told me, “Oh, you will always have a job.”

At the outset of my career, I had 7 interviews and 7 job offers.  Unfortunately, with COVID, that is not the case at this time.  As hospitals continue to lose revenue, more than a million healthcare workers have lost their jobs. This is unprecedented but so is what is happening in the world right now.

It’s sad that nurses, who are the largest percentage of healthcare workers, are in short supply and are losing their jobs because patients are coming to the hospital only if they suspect COVID-19 or if they have an emergency.  Elective surgeries, providing a large part of the revenue of hospitals, are not being done during the pandemic.  As the country slowly starts to re-open, it is my hope that nurses can return to work as soon as possible.

In fact, nurses who are still working are required to mop floors, change sheets, take out trash and arrange rides for people. They are becoming phlebotomists, orthopedic technicians and social workers since the other support staff have been furloughed.

Nursing has always been a stressful job but even more so now.  We have never seen anything like this.

I have long advocated that nurses become a revenue producing center of the hospital.  Additionally, I believe nurses should not come with the room, like dietary and housekeeping.  Right now, nurses are the largest cost center and therefore the easiest to cut.  When nurses become a revenue producing center, that is where our power lies.  I would even like to see patients chose the nurses they would like to care for them just like they chose their physicians.

If you have been laid off, I am truly sorry. If you would like to create your own economy, please feel free to call my office so we can discuss options for your consideration.

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