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Office of the Inspector General Exclusion List

Lorie Brown, Nurse Attorney, of Brown Law Office, P.C., discusses the Exclusion List from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). This list excludes nurses and other health care providers from treating Medicare or Medicaid patients. Lorie discusses how you get on the list, either mandatory or permissive, and possible jobs you can do if you are on the Exclusion List.

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  1. MS Nursey

    Very good. Learned a few things. Those nurses whose licenses have been unduly acted on , are on the ‘the list” along with criminal conviction. Hardly seems right.
    When a nurse cannot scrub toilets in a hospital , or obtain a notary seal to start a new business , or rejected from working in a law office because you cant get a notary seal. It is very punitive to be grouped in to those who deliberately committed fraud. Like marking “felony ” on an application. At a LNC seminar to talk about what it entails , another nurse asked can you do this on probation the answer was ‘yes’ but to work as a LNC , “no” . Basically you are on the list because you lost your license so the “N” in LNC seems it would bar people . Would like to know more about how to get off “the list”. If it is thru a BON that committed fraud on the courts and against the nurse, not holding my breath. Thank you . Interesting topic .

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