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Year Of The Nurse

2020 was supposed to be the year of the nurse.  What we thought would be a year of celebration was actually a year of strife where nurses were thrust into the frontline without adequate PPE, staff or support.  Never has a year taken such a toll on our most trusted health care providers.

Time Magazine named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as People of the year.  This is an insult to nurses.  With due respect to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they have done nothing for our country as of yet.  Whereas, nurses have served countless hours on the frontlines, saved thousands of lives and held patients’ hands in their deepest, darkest hours when family could not be with them.

I think Time made a huge mistake.  Nurses have done more for the health and well-being of our country than anyone this year.  Nurses have stood out in the cold testing people for COVID.  They have exposed themselves to the virus when working without proper PPE.  They have advocated for the health and safety of our citizens in our time of need.  Time flat out goofed.  Nurses are the true heroes this year and deserve the accolades.  Although EmpoweredNurses.org is not Time Magazine, I declare nurses the People of the Year.   Now, go out and celebrate all you have done and who you are in this crazy world!

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  1. Denny

    The original intent for the “Man of the Year” which TIME co-founder Henry Luce established in 1927 was never to exalt the most popular person but to credit the one who, for good or bad, most affected the world in the previous twelve months. The term “most affected the world” is why tyrants like Hitler and Stalin were named in their times because they DID impact the world.
    Had it been intended for popularity rather than achievement, John Wayne and Elvis Presley may have appeared.
    Every U.S. President since FDR has been on the cover, but it was not until the 1976 Carter victory when TIME were named one before they even set foot in the Oval Office. And that is what we have today, and much to the detriment of Luce’s intent for such acclamation, it is no longer a tribute to achievement but to popularity.
    I totally agree with Lorie in that the Nurses of the World are far more deserving of being on the cover of TIME instead.

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