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You Are The Face Of Your Business

I am often asked by nurse business owners, “Can I hire someone to do my sales?”

If your business is new, you are the face of your business.  No one can share your passion and values like you.  People need to know, like and trust you before they will want to work with you.  Your story of how you got started in your business is unique.

As nurses, almost all of us are uncomfortable with sales.  Our patients (clients) came with the room and so we did not have to do anything to market … but we did.  We had to market in terms of customer (patient) satisfaction and providing great care to these patients.  We had to ‘enroll” our patients in taking their medications or being compliant with their care.

Sales is just a process of enrolling.  I prefer the term enrolling because sales is something you do to someone; enrolling is something you do for someone.

Typically, the businesses that nurses are in are ones that help people that provide a service to them to help themselves.  Although some nurse entrepreneurs sell products or have home healthcare agencies or staffing agencies, the vast majority of nurse owned businesses are in the teaching, education, consulting, and coaching areas.

Even if you do own a home healthcare company, staffing agency or sell a product, again, you are the face of the business.  Your story of why you started this business is so important and people need to hear it.  When people can see themselves in your story, they want to work with you.

I have developed a unique 5 step system of enrolling people to work with me.

I think will sound familiar to you!

  1. ASSESS – What does the client really want?  Go deep into the “why” so you can figure out how you can fill that need.
  2. PLAN – What’s stopping them from getting it and what is your plan or idea to offer them to solve the problem?
  3. INTERVIEW AND OFFER – Ask the client, “What do you like about what I just said?” Then make your offer to solve their problem.
  4. EXCHANGE – If they say, “Yes,” ask for their credit card.
  5. CELEBRATE – Validate that they made a good choice and celebrate them for saying “Yes” to themselves because so many people tend to put everything else first but themselves.  If you have a product of service that could help them, they get to say “Yes” to themselves and we get to celebrate because, unfortunately, we as a society don’t celebrate when we make a good choice.

While it seems easy to have someone else do the selling for you, you will not get the results you would be doing it yourself.  Some things can be delegated like administrative tasks but not sales.

So, if you are telling yourself a story like, “I don’t like sales,” sales is the bread and butter of your business and it is imperative for your business to be successful and for you master the sales conversation.

As easy as it seems that you would want to hire a salesperson for your business, it really isn’t and may backfire.  People need to know, like and trust you before they are going to pay for your services.

If you would like more support with the sales conversation and growing your business, let’s schedule a call at CallWithLorie.com.


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