Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

You Are Worthy And Deserving

I hear hospitals often say, “We don’t have the budget to pay more for nurses” … “You signed up for this” … “Nursing is in your DNA; this is your calling.”  All these are excuses to avoid paying nurses the money they deserve.

Yet, these healthcare facilities will pay handsomely for the services of travel nurses.  Or they will offer sign on bonuses for new nurses which means you may end up working next to someone who is paid much more than you despite your long-term show of company loyalty.

An Ohio town has 2 hospitals for which one offered bonuses to keep nurses from leaving while the other offered, if you can believe this, a pizza party!

You are worthy and deserving of your pay.  You deserve not only to be paid equal to a travel nurse, but you deserve to be paid for your continued loyalty.

The pay for you and your coworkers is not based on the hospital’s budget.  You deserve to be paid what you’re worth.

I often say, “You can’t pay the average person enough money for them to do what nurses do.”  Nurses are exposed to every bodily fluid and to every germ known and unknown to man!  It is not a job for the weary or faint of heart and that’s why nurses are so special and unique.

You do deserve to be paid handsomely.  Don’t allow hospitals to make excuses as to why you should be paid less.  You absolutely deserve it.

Now is the time for nurses to stick together and demand to be paid what they’re worth.  You should not be working alongside someone who is making more than you and may even have less experience.

Stand up for your rights, stand in your power and command what you deserve or otherwise nurses will continue to be the hand maiden of medicine.  Nurses are not the discount bin or bargain basement of health care.  A physician would not take less than what he deserves, so why should you?

Patients would not be in the hospital but for nurses and, again, nurses deserve to command the dollars that fully compensate them for the value of their services.


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