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Nurses Are Geniuses

  Recently I attended the National Nurses in Business Association.  Each year they have a “shark tank” competition, like the TV show, and this year was the best so far.  I can’t believe these business and product ideas created by these amazing nurses. Gwen Jewell is a wound care nurse and founder of jewellnursingsolutions.com.  She created a product which, unlike […]

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Massachusetts Mandatory Minimum Nurse Staffing

As of today, California is the only state requiring mandatory minimum nurse staffing.  However, in November, Massachusetts citizens will vote on a ballot question as to whether mandatory nurse staffing should be required in that commonwealth. There are vehement forces on both sides of this referendum question.  One physician wrote an article published in Becker’s Clinical Leadership and Infection Control […]

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Update On Nurse Alex Wubbles

Today, September 28, 2018, The Indiana State Nurses Association is hosting among its keynote speakers a nurse who was in the national spotlight late last year. You may remember the July 2017 story about Alex Wubbles, RN, the Salt Lake City nurse who was caring for a patient in the University of Utah emergency room when a detective entered the […]

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The Nurse Tribe

  Recently on “Show Me Your Stethoscope” Facebook group for nurses, I said, “Let’s spread some positivity!” and asked, “What do you love about your job?” I received almost 400 comments and what was most surprising to me was that the majority of the responses noted that their favorite part of their job was their co-workers.  I realized that in […]

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To Strike Or Not To Strike, That Is The Question

  In the midst of the nursing shortage, nurses have authorized, by an overwhelming majority, a strike against 15 facilities of the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada and Texas. Nurses are in dispute over pay, staffing and security.  Their goal is to provide excellent patient care and they’re taking a stand to have this happen. […]

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Is Nursing Your Life’s Purpose?

  When I was 10 years old and at an overnight camp, I was horseback riding and fell off the horse.  Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet, but I still lost consciousness.  When I came to and opened my eyes, I could make out a woman bending over me, all dressed in white with the sun shining behind her, like […]

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Life Lessons For Nurses From Yoga

In February, I participated in a “yoga challenge.”  Now, mind you, I am not the yoga type, but as I only recently started practicing it, I found that I absolutely love it. I used to dread exercise, but it’s really true that finding something you like to do makes such a difference.  I don’t necessarily like how I feel while […]

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The High Rate Of Nurse Suicides

High Rate of Nurse Suicides

A study was released last year that found nurses are 23% more likely to take their own lives than the general population.  Adding to that shocking statistic is that nurses are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than people working outside of the medical field.  This is all so tragic and sad. Nurses have access to lethal medications, which […]

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ENO – Top 10 Blogs Of 2017


You have read, and we have listened! I have compiled below a list of what you say were my top 10 bloggings of 2017.  If you missed any of them, you can read then by clicking on any of the article titles. My blog always includes empowerment and license protection.  Interestingly, the top 10 blogs of this past year all […]

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Looking for a Nursing Job?

Tired looking for a nursing job

Frequently, nurses tell me that they are having trouble finding a job and think it is because either their previous job is talking negatively “black ball” about them or there is a Board matter in their past.  I stumbled across this article that I want to share it with you.  You can find it at: http://scrubsmag.com/confessions-from-hospital-hr-heres-why-we-didnt-hire-you/view-all/ and it is a […]

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