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Nurses’ Week: Was Your Employer Naughty Or Nice?

I have heard that many hospitals have done away with Nurses’ week and now celebrate “Hospital week.” Interestingly, the largest workforce in healthcare is nurses, yet their one special week gets taken away from them when doctors have their own day and other health professions have their own day to celebrate. According to an article in BECKER’S HOSPITAL REVIEW, and […]

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More Tragedies In Nursing

On April 30, 2022, halfway through his shift at the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center, a nurse entered a supply closet and, taking a gun he brought from home, took his own life in front of a coworker.  This was the second suicide in that area since the first of the year. This broke my heart to learn of […]

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Is Travel Nursing A Great Option?

I did not realize that travel nurses make an average hourly rate of $120.00 per hour! In an article regarding travel nursing by the numbers, the R.N. vacancy rate is a full percentage point higher this year than in 2020. However, the number participating as travel nurses is declining because the cost of travel is so much more than it […]

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Full Practice Authority For Nurse Practitioners Is Growing

California has become the 29th state to allow nurse practitioners to practice independently.  New York, Massachusetts, and Delaware recently became full practice authority states as well.  However, in California, they must go through 3 years of physician oversight before they can reach the point of independent practice. This was a hard-fought battle that was settled with Governor Newsom finally signing […]

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Do Titles Matter?

The State of Indiana just passed a law about transparency in healthcare because many healthcare providers who perform tasks like those done by physicians are not actually M.D.s. For example, nurse anesthetists call themselves “anesthesiologists” which can confuse the average person.  This new law requires that patients be informed of the specific qualifications of the healthcare professionals involved with their […]

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Competitive Hiring and Retaining Strategies

In a recent article of Becker’s Hospital Review, Cedars-Sinai apparently participated in a webinar hosted by Becker’s on the nursing shortage and how Cedars-Sinai is handling it. I think the insights from the session were particularly good.  During the online seminar, it was noted that the demand for health care is rising due to an aging population that is putting […]

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Are Nurses The Modern-Day Slave?

In December, 11 members of an interventional radiology and cardiovascular team at ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah were offered new jobs at Ascension NE-St. Elizabeth Campus in Appleton, Wisconsin.  In the group were 7 healthcare workers of which 4 were R.N.s and the others were radiology technicians.  They were offered new jobs with better salary and benefits.  [Click for Story] ThedaCare […]

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Did You Get A 5.9% Raise in 2021?

It is no surprise that if you have been to a gas station lately, the price for a gallon of gasoline has skyrocketed.  Of course, you noticed that your groceries are also costing more. According to the Social Security Administration, they gave all its recipients (70 million people) a record breaking 5.9% increase. When I look at employment records for […]

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Stress and Nursing

Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD, discusses the amount of stress that nurses are under and ways to relieve some of the stress in order to protect your nursing license. Lorie also talks about the importance of relieving stress and taking time for yourself so you can be there for your patients and not make mistakes. She also talks about different […]

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