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Archive: Apr 2022

What Do You Mean That I Can’t Get Business There?

Did you know that almost every contract includes a provision called a “covenant not to compete” or a “covenant not to solicit”? Basically, what these mean is that you cannot talk to any clients of a person or work in a particular area during the term of the contract and after. Courts do not like covenants not to compete because […]

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Is Travel Nursing A Great Option?

I did not realize that travel nurses make an average hourly rate of $120.00 per hour! In an article regarding travel nursing by the numbers, the R.N. vacancy rate is a full percentage point higher this year than in 2020. However, the number participating as travel nurses is declining because the cost of travel is so much more than it […]

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Full Practice Authority For Nurse Practitioners Is Growing

California has become the 29th state to allow nurse practitioners to practice independently.  New York, Massachusetts, and Delaware recently became full practice authority states as well.  However, in California, they must go through 3 years of physician oversight before they can reach the point of independent practice. This was a hard-fought battle that was settled with Governor Newsom finally signing […]

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Do Titles Matter?

The State of Indiana just passed a law about transparency in healthcare because many healthcare providers who perform tasks like those done by physicians are not actually M.D.s. For example, nurse anesthetists call themselves “anesthesiologists” which can confuse the average person.  This new law requires that patients be informed of the specific qualifications of the healthcare professionals involved with their […]

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Tips to Starting Your Nurse Owned Business

Lorie Brown, Nurse Attorney, talks about Nurses thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and gives her top 7 tips to starting a nurse business. Tips include choosing your business and marketing. To schedule a free 15 minute business assessment call with Lorie, go to: CallWithLorie.com

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