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Cold Calling And Blind Mailing

Everyone hates receiving those telemarketer phone calls.  They are what I consider to be “cold calls.”  If you’re calling a potential client or an attorney who you don’t know, good luck in trying to get past the gatekeeper or actually speaking to the potential client.

In addition, sending blind letters to attorneys or potential clients is such a great waste of money.  Like the phone calls, many of these letters don’t get past the gatekeeper and are automatically dropped into the trash can.

The reason is that people need to know, like and trust you before they will want to work with you.  Imagine getting a letter from a doctor reading, “I heard you need neurosurgery.  Call my office.”

Would you be surprised?

Would you wonder why he’s so desperate that he’s sending these letters?

What would you do?

Cold calling and blind mailing is simply throwing away your money and time.  It’s like taking a shotgun and having it spray everywhere versus a rifle, which is specifically targeted.  While I’m not a gun fanatic, I think the shotgun versus a rifle analogy is very pertinent.

Ideally, you would want to create a relationship with a potential client so they know, like and trust you so that when you tell them you can help them with their matter, they will hire you.  Once you establish a relationship, it is so much easier to get past the gatekeeper.

Usually as nurses, we are building the plane as we fly and still working at our day job.   Why make it harder on yourself to market?  There’s a simpler way of creating a relationship with the intended person first and then sharing how you can help.

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