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Gender Pay Disparity for Nurses

A recently released study showed that in 2021 male nurses were earning a median salary that was $14,000.00 more than their female counterparts.  The previous year, 2020, the median salary for male nurses was $7,297.00 higher that the ladies.

An interesting thing revealed by the study was that males consistently asked for higher salaries than females when accepting nursing positions.

So, I want to send this message to all nurses: nursing is the hardest profession on earth and many of the things that nurses do would not likely be worth any amount of money to the average person.  There is something special in a nurse.  It’s in our DNA as I always say.

However, though it is our calling to care for people, we do not need to be treated like a doormat.  Nurses are needed now more than ever because of the loss of nurses during the COVID pandemic and due to the critical staffing shortage.

If you are offered a nursing job, advocate for yourself!  It is not unreasonable to ask for better money to manage such crucial and vital duties.  In fact, better your position by applying for several facilities and “play them against each other.”  There is nothing wrong for you, so to speak, “to blow your own horn” to get paid what you deserve.

Getting back to my first paragraph in this article, there is NO reason for men being paid more than women in the nursing profession.  Both sexes do the same work so there is no sound reason to pay one more than the other.

I always say for you to stand in your power, and, specifically in this case, for you to feel free to negotiate your salary because the healthcare field needs you.

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