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Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever found a new car that you think is oh so right for your personality and after you purchase it, suddenly, you see the same kind of car everywhere on the road?

That is called the Tetris Effect.

It’s not that the company started producing more cars and then more people bought them but, you probably did not recognize that the number of those cars have been there all along and only now are you aware of that fact.

So, what we believe or think about actually comes about.  If we believe that there are not enough clients or people won’t pay us for our services or even if we are afraid of failure … all those beliefs are going to interfere with your ability to get clients and make money in your own business.

If you have one of those beliefs, take a moment and ask yourself: “Is that really true?”  Think about it and then ask yourself: “If it is true, then what is it costing me to have this belief?” … “What would it be like not to have that belief?” … and “What is the turnaround of that statement?”

So, in the example of believing that “No one is going to pay me for my services,” it will cost me clients, money, frustration and sadness.  While, if the opposite was true, I would have all the clients that I would want, I would be happy, fulfilled and generating the income that I desire.  And the turnaround I would realize is that there are plenty of clients who want to pay me for my services.

Your homework assignment is to figure out what your limiting beliefs are and turn them around into the positive.

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