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Secrets To Networking

One of the best ways to get business is to network and in doing that, there are some secrets you need to know.

Secret #1: People don’t come to a networking event to buy your product or service.  They came to sell you theirs. The key to networking is to create a relationship and then, after the event, set up a call or a coffee to continue the relationship.  You certainly can do a virtual coffee on zoom as well.  Go with the attitude what can you give not what can you get.

Secret #2: There are so many networking events going on, you could literally go full time to networking events.  But not all networking events are created equally, and they are not all your ideal client.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is attending the wrong events. You can identify the best place to network by knowing what problem you solve and that way you can talk to the right target audience.

It’s important to pick the right networking event to make sure that it is in line with who you are and what you do.  For example, you will not want to go to a PETA event if you have a non-vegetarian food business.  

Secret #3: Assume that the person you’re talking to is not your ideal client, but their friend is. That way, when sharing about your services, ask who do you know?

When you network with this approach, your ideal client will say, “Tell me more.”  However, if they are not your ideal client, they can refer you to their friend because you asked, “Who do you know?”

Secret #4: You are the best kept secret if no one knows what you do.  Be super clear on what you do and the value and benefits you bring to people so that they’ll want to say, “Tell me more.” 

Secret #5: Create your elevator speech so that people can say, “I need that; I want to work with you.”  

If people don’t understand what you do or if you use a lot of jargon, they may not understand your point and then likely will lose interest in what you have to say.

Secret #7:   As a business coach, my saying I help people love marketing is so far-fetched because most people can’t even relate to that statement. Be super clear about what you do so that the person who may be interested in your services could easily say, “Yes, tell me more.”

Secret #8: Another secret for us introverts (yes, including me), pretend that you are the host of the party. Stand by the door and greet everyone, show them where the food is and start creating that relationship.  If you act as if you’re the host of the event, you will meet a lot more people. Always exchange cards, but make sure you follow up.  Many people go to networking events, collect a handful of cards, and never call to follow up.  Is it if you?

I say you be in charge of the referrals.  Expecting that someone will pull your card and call you when they need your services is like asking someone about a restaurant or movie they went to months ago.  Out of sight out of mind.

Secret #9.  Set an intention of how many people you want to meet at a networking event or in other words, how many hot leads.  Networking is a highly effective business skill, if done properly and can bring in several great leads to your business.  Now it is up to you to follow up!


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