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That Little Voice In Your Head

You know that little voice in your head that tells you that “You can’t do this!  Who are you to start your own business?  Go back to nursing because that’s what you know!”  Because of those little whisperings, we have all these fears of actually going out and talking to potential clients.

Did you know that we all are born with only 2 fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises?  That’s it.  I know this is an extreme example but if you put a gun to a child’s head, the child will probably with laugh.  They may not know what a gun is and they don’t think that a gun can harm them.  Just like touching a hot stove, a child is not aware that they can be injured.

Fears came from our reptilian brain which was designed to keep us safe.  Back eons ago, when cave people could fall prey to a prehistoric beast, fear was the immediate reaction to the danger.  Today, we don’t have to fear about prehistoric beasts, but we press that “fear button” any time we want.  Pushing the fear button causes us to do one of 3 things: to freeze, to flee or to fight.

Now that you know fears are False Evidence that Appears Real, the only way to deal with the fear is to move right through them.  They are not going to go away.  Gather evidence to confirm your fears are not real.  Ask yourself is there really anything to fear in this moment.  The more evidence you gather that the fears are not real, such as talking to potential clients, those fears do go away.

You can’t go over them.  You can’t go under them.  You can’t go around them.  The only way to get pass the fears is to move through them.  You CAN do this!

Your home play today is to pick one of your fears and move straight through it.  For example, if you fear doing a Facebook live or getting on video, do it anyway.  If you have a fear of talking to an attorney or a potential client, go find one to talk to.

If you find value in my business blog, please feel free to share these articles with all current and potential nurse business owners you know.  Thank you.


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