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The Number One Thing That Keeps Nurses Stuck


We all have our comfort zone of 72 ̊.  When the temperature rises, the air conditioner kicks on.  When the temperature drops, the heat kicks on.

We also have the same set point for our weight.  While we gain some weight, we lose it to get back to our set point or if we lose weight, many times we gain it back to get to our set point.

This phenomenon is from the reptilian brain which was a relic from the days when if we left our cave, we would be eaten by a tiger or a brontosaurus.  It is the fear button.

However, nowadays, the fear button gets pushed even though there’s nothing to fear.  Fear is the number one thing that keeps nurses stuck.

We have so many fears.  Fear of missing out, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being a fraud, fearing that we don’t measure up to others, fear that keeps us in analysis paralysis and fear in which we think we need to be perfect and we may not measure up.

But these fears are not real.  Consider this.  I call fear false evidence appearing real.  Fear is simply a relic from the days in which we were going to be eaten.  True fear rarely exists in our society these days.  Fear is either coming from the past or the future.  It is not in the present moment.  In the present moment, there is truly really nothing to fear.

As nurses, we get stuck in the fear which is designed to keep us safe and in our comfort zone.  Instead, we need to walk past the fear and do the things necessary that may not be comfortable for us to succeed in our business.

I would love to hear your thoughts below where does fear stop you and how you overcome fear?

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