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You are the Master of Your Mind

As a business owner, it is so important that we are masters of our minds.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says that our body is really our mind because we are a system of habits.  When we awaken, we unconsciously get out of bed, go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, put the coffee on and do the same habits we do every day.  We’re thinking about what’s ahead of us or reflecting on what happened yesterday, whatever, but you’re not thinking about what you’re doing in the present moment.

Our bodies are running the show, not our minds.

As a business owner, it is so important that we master our minds and be conscious of what is happening around us, being present in the moment.

When I started as a business owner, I worked with my laptop from my son’s bedroom during the day and from my own bed at night going through medical records.

My work would be distracted frequently.  “Oh, I need to do laundry,” or “I need to go to the grocery.”  Something was always getting in the way.  “I have to get to the bank!”

Then, every once in a while, I would feel like I just do not want to review medical records, “I’ll do some research, instead.” Or “I’m tired of doing research.  I’ll call that attorney.”  I was very controlled by my feelings.

It would be unusual if you felt like you wanted to work all the time.  When you think about it, we work as a means to an end.  Now, as much as I enjoy my work, I love my free time as well.

When I say I want to master my mind and emotions, it means if I am going to do something, I do it!  Tony Robbins takes a cold plunge every morning, no matter where in the world he might be.  It could be a pool; it could be a river.  He doesn’t negotiate with himself but says, “When I say go, I go!”

Your mind will try to talk you out of doing things that you don’t like.  But to be a successful business owner, there are always things that you just won’t like but there will be lots of things that you love.  At times we have to go past “the yuck” to get to the good.

Therefore, mastering your mind is the most important thing to do to be a successful business owner.

Now, having read this, what are your takeaways?  I would love to read your comments below.

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