Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Your Nursing Mindset

What are your biggest concerns about being a nurse? I bet it’s the feeling that there’s not enough time, not enough resources, not enough staff, not enough support, etc.

All of these are based in lack. Unfortunately, hospitals want you to be in lack. They want to keep you in fear so you will stay. They want you to be afraid to leave.

This is a ploy by hospital administrators to keep nurses where they’re at and to disempower them. However, to be empowered and to have choices in our profession, we need to change our mindset to one of abundance.

What if you went to work and felt you had all the time to get everything you needed to get done for your patients? What if you felt like you had all the support you want to do everything for your patients? How different would your day be?

As nurses, I suggest we change our mindset from one of “lack” to one of “abundance.”

I have heard nurses say things like, “I can’t work elsewhere because the next closest hospital is hours from my home.”

You always have a choice!

When you live in lack, you will always be in lack! Something outside of you has your power. When one has lack thinking, they frequently accumulate debt because there is never enough money. So why not focus on abundance so you have choices to make more money.

I really hope that you and other nurses will rethink your mindset and make the necessary changes in nursing to create the abundance so that patients get the best care.

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