Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Archive: May 2021

Is Starting A Nurse Owned Business Right For Me?

There’s never been a better time to start a business.  With the growth in technology and most people doing business online, many brick-and-mortar stores are going out of business and the days of those remaining are numbered.  Just look at our malls.  Many of the stores are closing because just about anything you need can be purchased through Amazon. Starting […]

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Nurses Take the Streets for Advocacy

  I am pleased and proud that nurses in my San Diego community have banded together and have taken their passions and advocacies to the streets and were recognized by the American Nurses Association of California with their 2021 President’s award. So, what is inspiring about these nurses? In May 2020, a group of registered nurses volunteered to treat people […]

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Nurse Fired For Wearing Hospital Scrubs Gets His Job Back

  Not too long ago I wrote about a nurse, Cliff Willmeng, R.N., who was terminated from his emergency room position for refusing to wear his own personal scrubs while working. Instead, he insisted on wearing hospital issued scrubs which he could leave at the facility to disinfect and clean rather than risking his family’s health by bringing home possibly […]

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Epic Fail For National Nurses Week

For Nurses Week, Kaiser Permanente Antioch Medical Center in California gave its nurses a ROCK! Can you imagine what the heck may be going on if you received from your employer the gift of a rock for this special occasion? The rock was blank but came with a message saying, “Encouragement Stone … please take one.  Take a moment to […]

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Stress And Preventable Medical Errors

A recent Ohio University study revealed a correlation between stress and medical errors.  Even before the pandemic, in a study of critical care nurses nationwide, 40% reported depressive symptoms, more than 50% experienced anxiety and over 60% rated their physical health as low. This is so sad that we have such a number of depressed, anxious, and unhealthy nurses in […]

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