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Nurses Take the Streets for Advocacy


I am pleased and proud that nurses in my San Diego community have banded together and have taken their passions and advocacies to the streets and were recognized by the American Nurses Association of California with their 2021 President’s award.

So, what is inspiring about these nurses?

In May 2020, a group of registered nurses volunteered to treat people who were pepper sprayed and otherwise injured during protests to the George Floyd murder.

The philosophy of these nurses is that racism is a public health issue.

They walk their talk and attended multiple protests and their group has grown to nearly 30 nurses from multiple health care organizations in San Diego County and they have volunteered at more than 200 protests.

It warms my heart that nurses are standing side-by-side with my community for a cause they believe in.

They’ve also used the protests as an opportunity to offer masks and educate the public on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

I am proud that I am a fellow nurse with these leaders in taking a stand for racial equality and social justice and not only talking about it but participating in efforts to remedy these types of situations.

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  1. Sheila West

    That’s what educated nurses do. They care for ALL!
    Care is given without bias for race ,color, creed , gender, non gender and more.
    Compassionate care and acknowledging each individual is the foundation of our profession.

    WTG San Diego Nurses❤️

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