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What was known as the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists has changed its name to the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) because the new designation will more accurately convey the profession.

Anesthetists sometimes can relate to a trade or a technician.  It’s interesting that the AANA name came about after it was revealed that Nurse Anesthetists in New Hampshire are no longer permitted to refer to themselves as Nurse Anesthesiologists.

The rebranding to AANA is to show what they really do in anesthesiology.

There was a recent article in Medpages about this renaming and physicians are up in arms because they believe that the medical title of anesthesiology is considered to be a “misappropriation.”

It will be interesting to see what comes of that.

As with anything, the titles get muckier. DNPs call themselves “doctor.”  But so do veterinarians, dentists, PhDs, and doctors in education.

CRNAs, as Advanced Practice Nurses, are part of the most trusted part of the nursing profession and they have continued their knowledge to become providers of anesthesiology.

I believe that Physician Assistants are undergoing a similar title change to Physician Associates.

As with nursing, there are so many titles, but I personally believe that Nurse Anesthesiologist better portrays what a CRNA does.

Let me know what you think by posting your comments below.


  1. Nursey

    CRNA need to call themselves “NURSES” , they are trying to take a title that is not deserved . In AZ the board member , CRNA got on the board by changing the make up of the board, at the legislature. With less than 1000 in the state at the time , he represented a small number of nurses . And protected those with CRNA , no matter what they did . ( Making statements such as “my parents don’t even know how to pronounce anesthesiology “. And that he is an “expert in his field “.
    How many nurses state “I’m an expert ob nurse ” or I am an expert psych nurse” “I’m an expert ER nurse ” . It is all being done to stroke their own egos .
    A nurse with a DHP calling themselves “DR” and not clarifying themselves is impersonating a Medical Dr. They do not have a medical degree , and all the ‘nursing theory ” in the world will not save a patients life.

  2. Timothy Alford

    “All the nursing theory in the world will not save a patient’s life”
    The profound hubris and ignorance of that statement is appalling.
    Remember that Nursing became a “profession” because Of the filthy indifference and poor practices of the physicians working with Florence Nightengale.
    Physician’s don’t own the term “Doctor”. They appropriated it, but it’s a broad term.
    Physician’s should refer to themselves as Physician- Physician Anesthesiologist.
    Advanced Practice Nurses (CRNA) should refer to themselves as Nurse Anesthesiologist. See, Nurse is right there in the title.
    Some education would be great –
    Nurses were the first profession to have anesthesia training and schools. A physician went through the Nurse Anesthesia program and began to teach other physicians. Nurse Anesthesiologist have peer reviewed studies that show that statistically there is no difference in patient outcomes between their care and Physician Anesthesiologist.
    Most Anesthetics in the USA are performed by Nurse Anesthesiologist.
    There are Doctors of Pharmacy, Nursing, Physics, Literature, etc. . .
    Physician refers to a medical doctorate holder. Let’s clear this up for everyone and change all Medical Doctors to “Physician”.
    While we are at it, let’s explain that the vast majority of Physician Anesthesiologist work in collaboration with CRNA’s – and “supervise” – and haven’t sat a case in years. Lazy, entitled, greedy, condescending, and no more or less competent Physicians do a disservice to the public with their constant attacks on Nurse Anesthesiologist.

  3. Angela Ward

    Yikes, Nursey. Its up to the public to understand (and for us to educate) what the distinction of a MD medical doctor is vs a PhD doctor of philosophy or a DNP doctor of nursing practice. Doctor means that person is deeply studied within that field, and worked hard to earn that degree. MDs are not the only ones. Also – I know many a nurse that can indeed save a life. It’s really sad you call yourself “nursey” yet discredit the profession this way.

    Healthcare providers from all professions should be working collaboratively in service of healing, and might do well to got over these petty title arguments.

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