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Budget Cuts Could Impact Nursing Education

The proposed budget cuts which would eliminate Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs could significantly affect nursing education.  These programs provide loans, grants, education and training to help professionals and connect them with underserved areas.

From 2016 to 2017, 575,000 future and current healthcare providers were working in 8,400 training sites.

This program also could affect the Nurse Corps Program which provides 85% of education reimbursement for RNs and APRNs in exchange for a 2-year service commitment at a critical shortage facility.

Lastly, this could affect the National Institute of Nursing Research as it would cut funding.

As the nursing shortage is rapidly increasing every day, by decreasing funding for education initiative, it can severely affect the nursing workforce.  It is of great concern with the nursing shortage, lack of patient/nurse ratios and nurses being continually asked to do more with fewer resources, it’s no wonder that so many nurses are leaving the field and potential nurses are not even entering the profession.

I do have concerns about budget cuts and the impact on our profession.

Investing in education and resources to help nurses is one strategy that, if removed, will significantly affect our ability to provide care in this country.

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