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Coping With Covid

Every morning I wake up feeling like I am in a dream.  My life as I had known it is now completely different and I can no longer do most of the things I used to enjoy doing.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for nurses on the front lines to go to work every day to take care of these COVID patients. For every problem, there must be a solution.  I chose to reframe my mindset and thought I’d share with you some tips that might help.

When I want something to be different, I always start out with vision and intention.  Vision is what we would like to see in the future and then intention is a predetermined outcome that it is going to happen no matter what.

We all had a vision and intention to attend nursing school, graduate, successfully pass the NCLEX examination and get our nursing licenses.  For myself, I have chosen to use the same vision and intention concept during this COVID situation.

You may be thinking, “But I can’t control it.”  Control is not part of the equation, it’s just a predetermined outcome.  You couldn’t control nursing school either.  Even if your nursing school is closed, which has happened for some nursing students.

Using the same intention during COVID, that this is not forever and that it will go away soon, could help you feel better about your days.  As nurses, we see the dark side of humanity, we feel helpless and cannot do anything about it.  But there are so many things that we can do.  We help patients every day, we save lives every day.

Having a new mindset that this temporary and we are doing the best we can with the situation at hand gives me peace of mind in that the only thing we know for sure is that change is inevitable.

But, by having a predetermined outcome that this situation will be resolved gives me solace about our future.

I hope this helps you.


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