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How Not to Lose Your Nursing License or Your Nursing Career!

Undoubtedly, you worked hard to obtain your nursing license. Depending on what type of nurse you are, you may have spent up to 6-8 years, and tens of thousands of dollars, obtaining the necessary education, training, and certifications to become a licensed, practicing nurse. And yet, one split-second mistake, bad decision, or momentary lapse of judgment

could cause you to lose your license — and perhaps your career — indefinitely.

Every Nurse is Vulnerable to License Actions or Disputes

You may think you are safe – you may think that something like a licensing revocation or suspension would never happen to you. But one expert warns that every nurse is vulnerable to losing his or her license, and a nursing career.


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  1. Elouise

    Ms. Brown RN M.N.,J.D.
    I would really appreciate hearing more about your quest in how to help Nurses and seeking education and ways to help those who want to consider or pursue Nursing careers how to manage to do so. I would further like to discuss steps you have taken and what you have gone through that helped you in being a lawyer to work to toward this cause. I too. Have interest in the legal aspects of the healthcare field. I would like to hear more about other nurses who have been placed on probation and how they approached this to seek employment with others. It would be a beneficial to read their stories. Sincerely Elouise

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