Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business


In our society, there is a mentality that rich people are evil. 

When I was growing up, all the rich people on TV programs were not nice.  There was J.R. of DALLAS, George Jefferson of THE JEFFERSONS and the Howells of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND along with many others. 

The television shows normalized people who don’t have money and are always trying to make it.  Just look at the shows like ALICE as well as LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY. 

Now, for me, I believe that money is a mindset.  And that your mindset can be changed to make more money.  We are all programmed for what I call a money set point.  Just like dieting … we can lose weight but many gain it back to that weight set point, or even more. 

Money is the same way.  When you want to make more money by stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s important to have a new relationship with money and a new mindset about that as well. 

I would get occasional complaints from nurses who needed help with their license but did not have enough money for my services.  Once I changed my money mind set and my beliefs surrounding money, people all of a sudden found a way to creatively get money.   

Money is everywhere, I suggest you draw 50 lines on a sheet of paper.  From there, I want you to figure out 50 different ways that you can make money NOW!  It doesn’t matter how silly they may be but, of course, I suggest that they be legal.  No robbing of banks, please … 

Then circle the top 3 that may get you the most money in the least amount of time.  You would be surprised.  Money is everywhere! 

Don’t stop or quit on yourself.  Let the universe help and guide you to complete the 50 ways.  DON’T STOP!  Stopping just means that “it’s just not that important” to you. 

I used the 50 ways recently.  When I moved to San Diego, my daughter and I gave a lot of things away. We moved with only 2 suitcases each along with our 2 dogs. 

Somehow in the past 3½ years here, we filled up the house.  Fortunately, the woman who lived here before me left her furniture, so I did not need to buy anything new.  However, now that we are moving again, we are not taking that furniture with us. 

Yet, the landlord has informed us that we had to get rid of what we had been using.  Rather than paying someone to haul the furniture, I posted pictures on Facebook and within a day, I made $220 with no furniture left. 

So, keep in mind, money is everywhere, even in front of you. 

Until next time, happy marketing. 

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